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Woven Pottery Basket

Woven baskets have become one of my favorite things to work on.  I have several shapes I’ve settled on.  From a fairly large round basket to a small square basket.  My favorite handle is a tall braided handle, but it is very temperamental and difficult to make come out correctly.  So for my sanity I’m sticking with lug handles for the time being.  My process is below.  Enjoy!

Fresh clay woven over the forms to dry to leather hard.
Woven Clay strips on form.IMG_5584 

Braided handle installed on leather hard basket.  Plastic cups in place to keep handled from slumping.


Waiting to get bone dry before putting in the bisque firing.


Bisque fired and waiting on some glaze… what color should I pick?


Top of Basket

…and the finished product from above.  I decided to glaze in Blue Rutile.


The handle is a bit slanted, but overall I’m happy with my first woven item.  There will definitely be more of these in my future.

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