8/2/2015 Kiln Opening


Soup Bowls with handles. All done in new Celadon Glaze Colors. Rainforest Green, Ice, Lavender, and Cobalt. Cobalt has a stray glaze finger print in the bottom… uh oh!


Small mixing bowls. Same size as the soup bowls, but with added spouts for easy pouring for small mixing!


Handled soup bowls in Firebrick Red and Blue Rutile. Loving this combo!


Sponge holders. One in all blue and the other with some highlights on top.


Momma/Grandma Vases. Tiny vases perfect for holding flowers picked by your favorite kiddos.


Farmville Centennial Tray. Glazed in Rainforest Celadon Glaze!


Car mugs. The yellow one in front is about the perfect size. The 2 in the back had some glaze crawling and so are definitely imperfect. Dang it!


Trying to figure out how to glaze the Christmas Angel ornaments. Made this holder, but the wire was just not strong enough to hold the angels when it got hot. The angels fell and landed on the kiln shelf as well as on a sponge holder. Back to the drawing board, but I have a new idea. Hopefully this one will work out a little better!


Tobacco tray glaze trials. Still getting input on which is the fan favorite!

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